Wednesday, January 1, 2014

That's important to me

As I begin this effort to Blog in 2014, I want to disclose the following.  I do not have any desires to have any cards published.  I am not looking for any type of recognition.  I have no goal of having the entire (or even half of it) free world to follow me.  With that said, please feel free to "follow" me if you wish. *smile*

My goal here is:
  1. To keep track of the items that I/we create (and for who we created it for).
  2. Create something for my Grands to possibly look back on when the day comes that we can't be together again. 
I am a simple person that desires a simple life and enjoys the simple things in this world.  Simply said (no pun intended) "It's the small things that mean the most to this heart."  Having lost a daughter just over two years ago (12/17/11), I know what is important {to me} in this short life here on earth.  It isn't money, fame or a treasure chest of worldly items.  Knowing that my son and my grandchildren have happy hearts; that's important to me.  Knowing that the ones I love know that my love is unconditional; that's important to me.  Spending every moment available with the ones I love; that's important to me.  Saying "I love you" whenever the opportunity presents itself;  yep... that's important to me.  Most of all, if I can show forgiveness, mercy, grace, empathy and a Christ like love to others, then I have accomplished all that is important to me during my walk here on earth.
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